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Individual Volunteer Opportunities

We have many volunteer opportunities available for individuals, some of which are listed below. All volunteers must complete a volunteer application, background check* ($16), and attend a volunteer orientation before volunteering at any of our sites. We do not have weekend volunteer opportunities. Volunteer duties vary depending on the site and the time of day/year. Club activities help us fulfill our Priority Outcomes: Academic Success, Healthy Lifestyles, and Good Character and Citizenship.

*Select programs will also require fingerprint checks (additional cost). 

To request more information on any volunteer opportunity, please send an email to our volunteer coordinator at

Fill out our volunteer application here.

Currently, we have no volunteer opportunities at our Sugar House Club, Midvale Club Teens, Murray Club Teens and Juniors. 


Our Clubs offer community service opportunities for youth, under the age of 18, to fulfill their court/probation appointed community service hours. Youth volunteers do not complete the adult volunteer process; because they are under 18, they become registered Club members and work their hours through the teen program. Contact your local club for more information.

There are also very limited opportunities for adults who are mandated to complete community service. These opportunities would be in the mornings only and are only available at select Clubs. There are no after work or weekend opportunities. There is a separate process beginning with the application (click HERE).


Ways you may be asked to help during your volunteer shift:

Homework Help: Tutoring is a fun way to get to know some amazing kids while helping them complete their homework. Many of our Clubs are looking for volunteers to help specifically with Math and Science homework.

* Dinner: Each evening our Clubs serve hundreds of snacks or dinners to our Club members. You can help! This program provides meals to hundreds of youth who wouldn't otherwise receive dinner.

Activities: Each afternoon, our Staff run a variety of activities. As a volunteer, you can help with these programs while working with staff members and developing relationships with youth.

Teaching a Class

​Occasionally there are opportunities to share your passion for art, dance, sports, computers, (or whatever your talent may be) with our youth. Offering a variety of programming gives our youth an avenue to express themselves in a healthy way, and explore their talents and skills.

Some of our Clubs are interested specifically in: dance, yoga, art, sports, Zumba, painting, coding, drawing, Photoshop, guitar, martial arts, photography, and guest speakers on different topics. These are opportunities are accepted on case-by-case basis.

Special Events

Get involved with one of our fundraising or community events. These events provide opportunities to engage with corporate and/or community leaders, as well members of our community and Club families.